Events and Product Launches

INTEA combines training and product launches with unusual concepts, new strategies and a stylish ambience. This results in training sessions, events and product presentations that enthral customers and employees and generate energy and motivation.

With ideas and know-how
INTEA training motivates people with an appealing concept, creative ideas and know-how within the scope of:

  • Product introductions
  • Sales training
  • Dealer meetings
  • Press presentations

    events, product introduction, Produkteinführung

Full service for your training event
INTEA provides all services in line with requirements:

  • Content design and implementation
  • Selection of the training venue / location scouting
  • Trainer selection and preparation
  • Catering and hospitality
  • Administration and invitation management
  • Hotline support

This picture shows an example of an innovative product launch. During this event, INTEA had to inspire sales people to get in touch with a new car model.