About us

Founded as the INSTITUTE for TECHNOLOGY, ELECTRONICS and AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY by Mr Rolf Lucas-Nülle, INTEA has provided practical and customer-specific training and further training measures for industry and trade organisations for 50 years.

Founder and CEO
Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Lucas-Nülle

INTEA company development

Rolf Lucas-Nülle gives the first course for employees of AEG on the subject of "New Technology in the Application Area of Electrical Systems/Electronics" in the areas of power electronics and remote control technology.

Due to multiple requests for training by customers of the electronics and automobile industry, among them Ford AG, Rolf Lucas-Nülle founded INTEA GmbH (Institute for Technology Electronics and Automation Technology). In the following years, training measures were designed and carried out for internal factory training. The customer relationship with Ford developed over the years and is maintained by mutual respect and a love of innovation in the area of modular training.

Adam Opel AG commissions INTEA to plan, equip and operate technical training centres for the employees of Adam Opel AG and the authorised dealers, initially in Göttingen and then later also the rest of Europe (e.g. Spain, Turkey, Hungary, Austria, Poland). From then on, the cooperation extends to Opel factory training. Despite major financial challenges for all partners in the Opel business, the working relationship continues to this day. INTEA was able to carry out training activities in the area of automation systems and robotics in the new eastern states of Germany as of 1990. Up to 45 instructors were employed at 10 locations.

INTEA further expands its competences in the area of technical training. New subjects are added: Concept and development work for training measures (e.g. blended learning solutions) are provided for workshop employees in Germany, Austria and Spain.

In the segments of consulting and non-technical training in the after-sales area, INTEA is being increasingly commissioned by automobile manufacturers to develop concepts as well as to implement organisational development projects and audits at retailers and service partners. INTEA has developed into a specialist in after sales for training and consulting for manufacturers, retailers and suppliers of the automobile industry.

Alongside developing and implementing technical and non-technical training programmes for automobile manufacturers and suppliers, INTEA is also establishing itself as a provider of tailored consulting solutions and industry-specific concepts.

In cooperation with the customers, the specialists at INTEA analyse the situation on-site, evaluate it with the help of a database and develop individual employee qualification measures in the form of training or coaching based on that information. Furthermore, success checks – i.e. the achievement of project objectives, implementation of acquired skills and return on investment – are part of the range of services during and after the implementation phase.

INTEA operates technical training centres in Germany and in foreign countries and is part of the Lucas-Nülle group of companies.

Lucas-Nülle Group
INTEA GmbH is one of three companies in the Lucas-Nülle group of companies that operates successfully on an international basis with a total of more than 300 employees in the area of education and further education.

The group of companies has a leading role in the market and stands for technically-specific competence, global orientation as well as high product quality "Made in Germany".