Virtual Classroom Training (VCT)

VCT, a plus in communication and flexibility

With virtual classroom training, INTEA provides a solution that ideally combines the benefits of face-to-face training and mobile web technology.

INTEA has its own VCT studios and uses the technology, especially for the presentation of information that has to be communicated promptly to the target group. The average application time here is 30 to 45 minutes for each VCT.

Subjects and content that INTEA trains using VCT

  • Product, sales, customer service and technical training

  • Support for further education and qualification programmes

VCT is the modern training medium

  • Reduces costs of conveying training

  • Increases the speed of implementation of training measures

  • Guarantees standardisation of the training quality, also in international markets

  • Available and useable on PCs and mobile devices

  • Permits direct communication with the trainer and other participants


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