INTEA Scorecard

In addition to the use of our technical experts, who are engaged as consultants in the retail organisation on-site, the use of a Business Performance Scorecard has been established.

The "INTEA Scorecard" has already been used by our customers for many years to optimise business processes and to increase business results within their retail organisations, and is appreciated as a valuable tool for long-term business development.

The application is available online and combines the merits of on-site comparison and coaching in the retail business with modern web technology for analysis and sustainable increase of business results.

The INTEA programme

  • records the current status in the retail business
    • financial key performance indicators
    • customer satisfaction and customer orientation
    • personnel placement, employee management and motivation
    • qualification and training needs
    • key processes in sales and service
    • workshop organisation and implementation of merchandise management systems
  • recommends changes to be initiated
  • documents the change in the initiated processes and performance criteria during the follow-up period
  • enables a comparison of the results "at the touch of a button"
    • for the individual retail partner
    • according to regions and for the entire retail network
    • broken down according to sales responsibilities

INTEA customers increase their sales volume and profit on average by more than 30% through the use of the scorecard!